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Regulation conference Rome, June 21-22, 2010


The official congress language is English. However, a simultaneous translation from English into Italian and viceversa is foreseen.


E' prevista la traduzione simultanea dall'inglese all'italiano e viceversa.



The future for regulating organic food and farming in Europe






Monday, June 21, 2010

8.30 to 9.30  Registration


9.30   Opening Session


Moderator: Marco Schlüter, Director IFOAM EU Group


  • Welcome address by Cosimo Lacirignola, Director L'Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo di Bari
  • Giancarlo Galan, Italian Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
  • Jean Francois Hulot, Head of Unit, European Commission,"The new regulation 1.5 years after implementation" (presentation)

  • Christopher Stopes, IFOAM EU President


10.30 Coffee break and press conference


11.00 Plenary session: The new regulation 1.5 year after the implementation


Moderator: Francis Blake, Policy Advisor, Soil Association

  • Paolo Steccanella, President Brio, "implementing the new organic regulation - a stakeholder input" (presentation)
  • Stephan Dabbert, Professor of Agricultural Economics University of Hohenheim, “Preliminary findings of the Certcost Project”
  • Gunnar Rundgren, editor Organic Standard "Global trends in the regulation of organic farming" (presentation)
  • Giuseppe Lembo, COISPA Tecnologia & Ricerca, ICEA “Organic Aquaculture as a recent example of regulating new organic production areas” (presentation) + Launch of Italian Aquaculture dossier (presentation)




13.30 Lunch and press conference


15.00 Workshops - session I (parallel sessions)


Ia The new EU Import regime and implications for third countries and the Mediterranean Area


Moderator: Ricardo Cozzo, Bioagricoop

Rapporteur: Sabine von Wirén-Lehr, EOCC


  • Paul Axmann, European Commission, organic unit, "State of play and development of the new import regime" (presentation)  

  • Beate Huber, Head Development and Cooperation, FiBL: “First experiences with the application of certifiers under the new EU import rules and further potentials” (presentation)

  • Jochen Neuendorff, GfRS "How can the new import rules contribute to prevent fraud and what are the weak spots?” (presentation)

  • Jim Pierce, Global Organic Program Manager, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic/Organic Trade Association EU/US Equivalency Task Force (presentation)

  • Guiseppe Paesano, Italian Ministry of Agriculture, MOAN national representative for Italy: “The new EU import rules: opportunities and challenges for Mediterranean Organic Agriculture” (report of the conclusions of 5th MOAN meeting, Tunisia, June 2010)” (presentation)

Ib Obstacles for small operators and emerging markets

The state of play and obstacles for the new regulation in developing markets with a large number of small holding farmers in Baltic, Eastern    European and Mediterranean countries.


Moderator: Alessandro Triantafyllidis, International area coordinator AIAB

Rapporteur: Lizzie Melby-Jespersen, ICROFS and CERTCOST project


  • Dorota Metera, Bioekspert Ltd. (presentation)

  • Jean-François Hulot, EU Commission, Head of Organic Unit (panelist)

  • Margi Lennartsson, Director of Programmes Garden Organic (presentation)



Ic Technical requirements and further development for organic processing

A revision of the technical details mentionedhas to be done in respect to the aims and principles establish in EC reg. 834/2007. Further on the debate in the organic sector is developing fast. It seams to be very clear that new topics relevant for organic are on the desk


Moderator: Bavo van den Idsert

Rapporteur: Sybille Kyed, Organic Denmark


  • Alexander Beck, Chair IFOAM EU SGOP - "IFOAM EU Group view on challenges towards European rules for organic processing" (presentation)

  • Maria Fladl, EU Commission, organic unit - Food processing in organic regulation - state of play and future (presentation)

  • Paolo Pedon, marketing manager, Pedon Ltd. - "Organic regulation in practice - challenges for organic processors (presentation)

    Followed by open discussions



16.30 Coffee break


17.00 Workshops Session II (parallel sessions)


IIa New approaches and complementary tools for organic regulation

 Discussion on future practices and philosophies for developing common rules for the organic sector -How to regulate organic food and farming in EU? is there a better way forward in terms of more self-regulation, group certification, etc.


Moderator: Christopher Stopes

Rapporteur: Lizzie Melby-Jespersen


  • Otto Schmid, Senior researcher, FiBL: “New ways of regulating organic food and farming in Europe” (presentation)

  • Gunnar Rundgren, Editor Organic Standard

  • Bavo van den Idsert, “From EU regulation to self responsibility of the sector” (presentation)

  • Jean Francois Hulot, EU Commission, Head of Organic Unit, panelist



    Followed by open discussions



IIb New areas and new challenges of the organic EU regulation

 The review of the regulation on 2011, the possible inclusion of new areas and the role of the private standards existing within Europe.


Moderator: Marian Blom

Rapporteur: Sybille Kyed, Organic Denmark


  • Maria Fladl,European Commission, organic unit, "Intro to the review of the scope in 2011" (presentation)

  • Francis Blake, Policy Advisor Soil Association, "New areas in the scope of the organic regulation"(catering, textiles, cosmetics, wild animals) (presentation)

  • Johan Cejie, KRAV, "Climate standards in organic regulation" (presentation)


 Followed by open discussions



IIc Risk based inspections - from theory to practice

Short presentations on risk based inspections followed by open discussion and exchange of experiences on implementation and the possible ways towards a system which renders the sector support.


Moderator: Christina Micheloni

Rapporteur: Sabine von Wirén Lehr, EOCC


  • Fabrizio Piva, CCPB and FederBio (presentation)

  • Raffaele Zanoli, Associate Professor of Agro-Food Marketing, Faculty of Agriculture, University, Ancona (panelist) (presentation)

  • Alexander Beck, Chair IFOAM EU SGOP (panelist)



   Followed by open discussions



18.30 End of day one





Tuesday June 22, 2010


9.00 Morning note speeches


  • Salvatore Basile, Coordinator Cilente Organic District (presentation)
  • Jim Pierce, Global Organic Program Manager, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic / Organic Trade Association EU / US Equivilency Task Force, "Long- term stable solutions to facilitate trade and protect local markets")


9.40 Report from workshops by the rapporteurs and discussion

Moderator: Antonio Compagnoni, ICEA and IFOAM EU board member (presentation WS IA), (presentation WS IB), (presentation WS IC), (presentation WS IIA), (presentation WS IIB), (presentation WS IIC)


11.00 Coffee Break


11.30 Final panel discussion; " The way forward: Challenges for organic regulation in the next decade"


Moderator: Stephan Dabbert, Professor of Agricultural Economics at the Faculty of Engineering of University of Hohenheim


  •     Jean François Hulot, EU Commission, Head of Organic Unit
  •     Michel Reynaud, President EOCC
  •     Bavo van der Idsert, vice president IFOAM EU
  •     Thomas Dosch, vice president IFOAM EU
  •     Paolo Carnemolla, President Federbio
  •     Andrea Ferrante, President AIAB


13.00 Closing remarks


    Christopher Stopes, IFOAM EU President


13.30 End of congress



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