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This year’s Congress aims to fuel the discussion on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and how the latter can contribute to healthy farms, a healthy food sector, and a healthy society. The audience will be invited to engage in an analysis of the possible synergies between the EU, its Member States, regions and cities, with reference to the development of a new organic action plan.


Furthermore, we will look at the impact of emerging technologies, such as Internet of Things and Big Data, and at innovative solutions on the efficiency and evolution of the organic sector, by providing concrete examples and expertise of representatives from the agri-food sector.


IFOAM EU is proud to announce this year’s European Organic Congress marks the official launch of the film ‘We Unite’. This 12-minute film is produced by IFOAM – Organics International and offers a window into the lives of two organic farmers and the reasons they join the yearly ‘We are Fed-Up’ demonstration in Germany. Along with hundreds of other farmers, they drive their tractors into the heart of Berlin where they unite with thousands of citizens calling for a better food and farming system for all.


Share your view and learn about experiences from others all over Europe and beyond at the European Organic Congress!


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Speaker Lineup
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Luc Bas
Director, IUCN Luc Bas is the Director of the IUCN European Regional Office in Brussels , representing IUCN towards the EU Institutions and providing leadership and guidance for all activities undertaken by IUCN Government and NGO members within the European context. This includes informing decision-making through ...
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Peter Defranceschi
ICLEI Peter Defranceschi has been working for over 12 years for ICLEI, an international and European organisation of cities committed to integrated sustainable development. He is heading the ICLEI Office in Brussels representing urban sustainability issues vis-à-vis European institutions and other strategic ...
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Rogier Schulte
Professor, Wageningen University Prof Dr Rogier Schulte is Professor of Farming Systems Ecology at Wageningen University and Research. Together with farmers, policy makers, development agencies and NGOs, the group focuses on the radical redesign of sustainable farms and foodscapes, so that they are ready for ...
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