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Live stream of the 11th European Organic Congress



Organic on every table

Inspire – Improve – Deliver


Fair play – Fair pay


This Congress will look at how stakeholders and policymakers can work together to reach the European Organic Vision 2030, with the launch of a roadmap for making it happen. Over the last two years, IFOAM EU has been working proactively with the organic movement and like-minded groups to devise strategies for developing organics in Europe. In Estonia, we will look at different initiatives already happening throughout Europe that demonstrate how policymakers and stakeholders already work together to inspire others.


Part of this conversation will also look at how such initiatives can flourish, in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Climate Commitments expected to strongly influence the EU’s agri-food policy agenda in the coming years – from the Common Agricultural Policy to the development of food policies at national and regional level.


Organic on every table:

This session will focus on the current strategies and initiatives led by food and farming actors to achieve a wider recognition of organics’ contribution to sustainable food systems, as well as the growth of land share & supply of organic products.


Improve – Inspire – Deliver:

This session will look at the strategies and initiatives that food and farming actors use to develop organics further and inspire a positive change in our knowledge systems and diets.


Fair play – Fair pay:

This session will focus on the strategies and initiatives taken by food and farming actors that ensure fairness and transparency across the value chain.


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