Implementing Innovative Ecological Solutions for Farmers and Rural Communities



Rural Development Programmes – European Innovation Partnership – Organic Regulation Review


Member States and regions will launch the Rural Development Programmes of the new EU Common Agricultural Policy in 2015. What will the impact on farmers and rural communities throughout Europe be? How can the new programmes stimulate greater delivery of public goods and green job creation?


The European Innovation Partnership for Agriculture (EIP-AGRI) aims to bring rural development, farming and research together. It presents many opportunities and can be used to put eco-functional intensification at the heart of the EU productivity and sustainability objectives. How will this new policy instrument be implemented? How can organic and agroecological approaches contribute to its development?


The new rural development regulation offers the potential for greater recognition for organic farming, yet the sector faces the prospect of considerable regulatory changes in the coming years. How can the new organic regulation help make Europe more organic and drive innovation for sustainable food production?


Share your view and learn about experiences from all over Europe and beyond at the 8th European Organic Congress




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Program Schedule
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14:40 Opening Plenary: Towards ecological and innovative solutions under a new CAP
16:30 Innovation potential of organic and agroecological food & farming
20:00 Networking dinner
Speaker Lineup
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Cosimo Lacirignola
Secretary-General of CIHEAM Topic: Welcome speech Day 1 – 10 September, 2014
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Matteo Bartolini

Matteo Bartolini
CEJA Topic: Rural development: opportunities for organic farming and agro-ecological ...
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Pasquale Lorusso

Pasquale Lorusso
Director Local Action Group Terre di Murgia Topic:  Rural development: opportunities for ...
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