Rogier Schulte

Professor, Wageningen University

Prof Dr Rogier Schulte is Professor of Farming Systems Ecology at Wageningen University and Research. Together with farmers, policy makers, development agencies and NGOs, the group focuses on the radical redesign of sustainable farms and foodscapes, so that they are ready for tomorrow’s global challenges, using natural processes as their starting point. The group combines a strong capacity modelling with empirical examples of outstanding farms and foodscapes, which it brings together in the International Network of Lighthouse Farms – a global outdoor laboratory and classroom. A recurring theme throughout this diversity of farming systems is the unlocking the potential of ecological processes using knowledge and smart technologies, in which the group works closely together with the Farming Technologies group. In addition, the group is responsible for many of the educational courses of the Masters in Organic Agriculture programme, and supervises over 70 MSc theses and internships each year.