The National Library of Latvia

The 9th European Organic congress will take place in the National Library of Latvia.


The NLL’s mission is to promote the free and inventive usage of Latvia’s cultural and scientific heritage so as to foster education, research, the development of knowledge and the quality of life.


Photo by Anete Krūmiņa

The collection of the NLL (4,5 million units) embraces all branches of science, its basic profile being Social Sciences and the Humanities. Library readers are offered special collections – rare books, manuscripts, Letonica, the Baltic Central Library, maps, scores, sound recordings, graphic documents, small prints, periodicals. At present the emphases of the library activities is laid on supporting higher education, research and life-long education.


Photo by Indriķis Stūrmanis

The building of the library – the Castle of Light – opened its door at the beginning of 2014. Library building is designed by the world-renowned architect – Gunnar Birkerts (USA) – Latvian by origin, and building is among the greatest cultural projects of the 21st century in Latvia. Besides the standard services and routine operations, the castle of Light and its infrastructure serves as a platform for activities of various cooperation partners and a place of unique creative synergies.


Photo by Indriķis Stūrmanis

The NLL is conveniently located just next to the artery of Riga – Daugava river and across the “Akmens” bridge that leads to the old town of Riga.


Location of the NLL:



3 Mūkusalas Street, Riga, LV-1423, Latvia

Phone: +371 67806100

Fax: +371 67280851




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