2nd July: Excursion!

8:30-10:00: Official Guided tour around Vilnius old town
Meeting Point - Town Hall of Vilnius  (Didzioji str. 31, LT -01128)
Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, situated on the banks of the rivers Neris and Vilnia and was founded in 1323 when Grand Duke Gediminas built a Castle there. Today the tower of this Castle is one of the landmarks and symbols of the city. The old Town of Vilnius is one of the biggest (360ha) and oldest in Eastern Europe. The magic atmosphere, the magnificent splendid architectural blend of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism styles makes this wonderful city to explore. In 1994 Vilnius Old Town was included in the UNESCO heritage register.
10:00-11:00: Bus Transportation to Andzela Dalia Emuzyte Farm
Pick up location in front of the Town Hall
11:00-13:00: Andzela Dalia Emuzyte farm (Griciūnų village, 50 km from Vilnius)
Farm visit and lunch with cheese tasting (cottage cheese and goat cheeses), vegetables, bread and other homemade products. 
The farm infrastructure and the surrounding are beautiful and representative of Lithuania. They have been farming for over 14 years, including plant growing, feed production (perennial grass - 53.00 ha) for goats. There are about 460 certified goats (goat species: CZ Czechia Czechia white ir Zaaneno).  We will see the milking process and the final production of different types of cheeses. 
13:00-14:00: Bus trip to the Old Trakai
14:00-14:45: Visit the Old Trakai and relax with a cup of coffee or tea! 
Senieji Trakai Castle was a castle in Senieji Trakai (literally: Old Trakai), Lithuania.
The first enclosure-type brick castle was built by Grand Duke Gediminas, who transferred the capital of Lithuania from Kernavė to Trakai (today's Senieji Trakai) before 1321. The wedding of Grand Duke Kęstutis and Birutė was held there and it was the birthplace of the Grand Duke Vytautas in 1350.
The castle in Senieji Trakai was destroyed by the Teutonic Order in 1391, subsequently abandoned and never rebuilt as a new castle had been erected in Trakai by Kęstutis. The ruins of the castle were granted to Benedictine monks by Vytautas in 1405. It is presumed that the present monastery building, dating from the 15th century, holds the remains of Gediminas' castle.
Archaeological research on the hillfort mound was carried out in 1996–1997. The findings confirmed the existence of a former rectangular masonry castle wall, which had surrounded the hill. It is supposed that the residential buildings had occupied the area near the church and the churchyard.
14.45-16.15: Bus trip to Pilnų namų bendruomene" 
16.15-17.30: Visit the "Pilnų namų bendruomene" - Panaros village ("Full House Community"), Merkinės area, Varėna district 

The full House community has been established in Panara village, inside the Lithuanian National park of Dzukija region. Here there are 6,01 ha of certified land where grow 151 varieties of plants with which they produce around 69 varieties of herbal teas and 13 varieties of spices. All the plants are dried with a  herb dryer which has a 140 sq m solar panel. Moreover, it is possible to find certified strawberries, amaranth, apples, pears, walnuts, cherry, apricots, peaches, buckwheat, perennial grasses. 
The farm is also involved in cooperating with village communities to lower the unemployment. Indeed, by providing information about the ecological herb farm, its development and the use of herbs for business etc. the farm does educational work, stimulates social and economical village activities and strengthens motivation to live in the countryside. Annually over 40.000 people visit the community.
17:30-19:00: Bus trip to the Laima Kamaitiene Farm
19.00-20.00: Visit to Laima Kamaitiene Farm
Farm visit, organic and typical dinner, visit to the village accompanied by national folklore music and dances. The farm (467,90 ha) is an organic certified plant production. They grow peas, buckwheat, winter triticale and oats.
20.00-21.30: Dinner and Cultural Programme with music and dance
21:30-22:15: Bus Trip back to Vilnius





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