Joachim Rukwied

President, COPA

Joachim Rukwied, now the President of COPA-COGECA, was initially a student of Agriculture at the University of Nuertingen, at which he attained an Engineering degree. He went on to take over a parental farming company which nowadays consists of 340 ha. of crop production, as well as 22 ha. of viniculture. In 1994, he became a member of the municipal council and deputy mayor of Eberstadt, before reaching the position of member of the regional council of Heilbronn in 2003. Throughout the years and up until now, he has taken over a number of other positions, including Chairman of the Regional Farmers’ Association of Heilbronn, President of the State Farmers’ Association of Baden-Wuerttemberg, President of the German Farmers’ Association, and President of the European Farmers’ Association. Additionally, he now fulfills the roles of: member of the supervisory board of Suedzucker AG (Manheim), Chairman of the Board of Supervisory directors of the Agricultural Rentenbank (Frankfurt), and Member of the Supervisory Board of BayWa AG (Munich).